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How to choose the Right Refrigerator Cooler for you & What to look for?

Finding the right refrigerator cooler for you is important as it should be seen as an investment. Whether you are an avid camper, van/RV owner or a just a fan of going on road trips, you want to find a cooler that can be used for a long lasting use. Hence, let's look at some factors that you should look at before buying a refrigerator freezer. 

1. Size

Size has to be one of the most important factors when looking for a refrigerator freezer. You need to know how much room you have available either for your RV, van, or wherever you’ll be placing your cooler.

Also, how much food and drinks do you need to keep cool or frozen on your trip?If you plan to just go on a picnic trip with a few drinks and food for two then you can just use the mini portable freezer GO20. If you plan to be on a long week trip then you should consider using the VL60. ICECO also has the 35L expandable fridge which means that the size is adjustable between volumes from 35 to 52 liters by having an add on.

2. Material

The stainless steel fridges such as the VL series are heavier but they work best as a solid product that cools faster and great for longer trips. The JP series on the other hand are made with polypropylene plastic which is light and makes it easy to carry around for the shorter trips.

3. Compressor

The compressor assists the cooling process of the refrigerator. Just know that it is more efficient and cheaper to get a high quality compressor than a low quality one. In the long run, it would also be more affordable as you won’t have to purchase a compressor multiple times. ICECO is proud to have a high quality German SECOP Danfoss compressor with a 5 year warranty.

4. Warranty

Things can happen on the refrigerator and you want to be sure that you'll be taken care of and can still have a long term relationship with the company. With ICECO, you’ll get a 5 year warranty on its parts so you won't have to worry if something goes wrong.

5. Features

One of ICECO's features is that it has an AC & DC power. This means that you can have your refrigerator freezer running inside your car or home. The fact that you can use the power on the car charger is a huge plus especially for outdoor travelers.

Another great feature of ICECO is that it can be used as a refrigerator or a freezer. Some of them can be used as both a refrigerator and freezer at the same time such as the dual zones VL 60 Dual and the VL 65 Dual. 

6. Style

Style has to be the least important factor. However, it would be nice to have a refrigerator cooler that fits your style or matches the vehicle that you are driving. If you like some colors that pop such as blue then you can try out the 3 in 1 Cooler. If you prefer a gray color that gives a more military vibe then you can work more with the VL series. Either way, everyone has different tastes so style can be subjective every person.