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Secop Compressor - ICECO JPPro Series uses the Secop(Danfoss) compressor as cooling system, 5 years warranty on compressor and 1 year for other parts.

Fridge & FreezerThe JPPro Series can be used as a portable fridge or a portable freezer with -4℉ to 68℉ cooling range. Best solution to freeze your ice-cream and keep your essential daily food fresh.

Mobile Refrigerator - The JPPro Series features two types of handles and wheels located on the opposite side, providing easy maneuverability on most surfaces. With a 40° tilt anti-vibration function, your food and drinks are kept safe and secure. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport on any adventure.

Reversible Lid - Multi-directional lid can be opened from the left, right, or fully opened for easy access to all items inside.This design is suitable for any vehicle and it allows you to completely take out the lid to conveniently grab some food or beverage inside easily!

Optional UV Light - UV lamp automatically sterilizes the refrigerator after 30 minutes of use when it is charged on cord, with the option to turn it off when not needed. 



Product Features

Versatile Temperature Control

Temperature range of -4℉ to 68℉ with the ability to cool down from 77℉ to -4℉ in just 38 minutes.

Magnetic Panel

The ICECO magnetic battery can attached to the magnetic panel to power on the freezer for on-the-go use.

Multi-directional Lid

Multi-directional lid can be opened from the left, right, or fully opened for easy access to all items inside.

UV Light

UV lamp automatically sterilizes the refrigerator for 30 minutes when it is charged on cord, with the option to turn it off when not needed.

Reversible Lid

Lid can be opened from the left, right, or fully opened for easy access.

Mobile Refrigerator

With durable wheels, take JPPRO anywhere with ease.

Free Insulated Cover

Enhance your JPPRO experience with the included free insulated cover.


Ask a Question
  • Does this model come with the cover like some others?

    Hi. Yes, JPPro comes with its cover.

  • Does the JP50 Pro come with an ac power cable?

    The JP50 Pro package Content: ICECO Portable Refrigerator *1, AC Power Cord *1, DC Power Cord *1, Manual Book * 1, Insulated Protective Cover *1

  • The courier put my package upside down, what should I do?

    Please leave your refrigerator upright for 24 hours to allow the compressor lubricant to resettle before powering on the fridge. Otherwise it may contribute to certain operation abnormalities. You can let the fridge operating several days to see whether it is working properly.

    If there is any problems with the fridge please feel free to contact us, thank you for your cooperation!You can contact us via online store inbox message or email ( All messages will be replied within 24 hours. We also have tele-answer and you can dial at 9:00 AM-5:00 PM (PT), working days. 

  • How to turn off the UV light?

    UV Light Setting: 
    1. In the power-on state and with the lid closed, the UV light starts by default and turns off automatically after 30 minutes of functioning;
    2. The UV light will automatically stop working when the lid is opened;
    3. If you don't want to use this function, press "ON/OFF" and "SET" button at the same time when the refrigerator is on to turn off the UV light function; press "ON/OFF" and "SET" button at the same time again to turn on the UV light again.

  • The specs say dimensions of 28.5*13.8*18 is this the dimensions with handles installed?

    yes, this dimensions with handles installed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Steve Neumiller
JP40 Pro

I have been using this fridge for more than 3 months now.
When first received, I let it sit upright for a day (actually 2 days) before plugging it in and turning on as recommended in the booklet.
All systems good to go. :-)
I have since removed the handles and used the threaded holes to secure fridge in my small truck camper, a Nissan Frontier.
It is quiet running and not a bother while sleeping even though it is right next to my cot. (makes a good nightstand too)
Complete removal of the lid is a very convenient feature to have.
The option of plugging in at front or back was another big reason why I decided on the "Pro" design.
If I ever get around to making a video of my camper build, good words of the JP40 Pro will be spoken.
Thank You, ICECO

Oscar Salo
Great for T1D insulin storage

Needed a fridge with temp control mostly for insulin and wine. I have it indoors, in a Mortar & Brick building.
It is great in terms of functionality, can be opened side to side, you just need to get the hang of the cover.

Now, referring to "Temperature variations" I see most commenters are not taking into account is that this is a small fridge, hence, in terms of "Thermal Inertia" is not going to hold strong vs big deltas in environmental temp changes.

Example, in my zone, from 4am to 6am temp drops around 2 to 5 Celsius. That means, if I have a 7C setting on my fridge (insulin can be stored between 2 to 8 C, temps inside the unit can go down up to 2C. Can this be alleviated? Maybe, some kind of insulated box that would allow for the fan exhaustion as well (RV-like cabinets with insulation). In my case is not needed. If I move location, then I will have to consider, depending on results.

In the opposite, when it gets warmer, it keeps up very well, with a setting of 7C on ECO mode, the higher I've had after 1+year of use has been 8C. I did back this unit on IndieGoGo, and I am super satisfied with it.

Great customer service!

Love that the lid opens two ways. Would prefer to open side to side instead of front to back, but wanted wheels so chose this one. Nice that the cover is included. Seems well built/durable. Original unit would not fully freeze water, but replacement unit works better than expected. Working with customer service was easy!

joseph Becht

Cooler was delivered on time and as promised, however the extra battery has never worked

Rodney Smith
The 40 is a great cooler for everyday use.

I've had this cooler for over a year now and overall I'm very pleased even with a few hiccups. I highly recommend this model because the wheels make it easy to use wherever you go moving it by yourself. I'm not particular about exact temp, so I have never paid attention. For me it's just been, are my drinks cold. They always are. I love that I can open the lid from either side or completely remove the lid for loading drinks.
Some of the cons. You can see my review for their portable magnetic battery but I will mention here as well. I would rather see some other method for mounting the battery. If you are trying to move the cooler with the battery, it will probably fall off, so I end up unplugging the battery, move the cooler to it's location, then plug back in. It's also not a great setup if you are using the cover. I would rather the cover had a place to hold the battery. Speaking of the cover, I never had much success with the bottom half of the cover. It seemed like it was always getting caught around the wheels, so I removed the bottom part of the cover and have been much happier.

Now here is a situation where you might not be happy with this cooler. At one point, my cooler started making a grinding noise. After taking the bottom cover off, I discovered the fan was grinding against the metal plate that holds it. I'm guessing that while I had others things packed near it, something bumped into it and bent the metal plate. There is only soft plastic that protects that area. I bent the metal plate back and now it sounds fine. If you get the cooler, I would be careful what you pack around that area.
In the end, would I buy this cooler again, yes, but I am still looking for a better method of battery power while rolling the cooler.

JP40/50 PRO's Manual Book

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