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JP40 with Cover

JP40 12V Refrigerator Comes With Free Insulated Cover&12 Feet Extension DC Cord

  • Well-Build Portable Fridge: A market approved JP40 12V refrigerator, JP40 single zone can be used as a 12v fridge or a freezer. ICECO’s Classic Series.
  • Bluetooth APP Control:Enjoy the convenience of an upgraded JP40 Portable Fridge, now with Bluetooth APP control. Connect your fridge to the ICECO app to easily monitor and adjust the temperature, making it easy to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. 
  • MAX & ECO Mode: You can adjust the JP40 to MAX or ECO mode according to your needed. Fast Cooling or Energy Saving.
  • 43QT/40L Capacity: Internal dimension: 18.1*10.6*14inches, can hold 58 cans of 355ml soft drinks or 36 bottles of 550ml beverages or 12 bottles of 750ml red wine. Your best camping fridge for outdoor, RV, Jeep, Truck and etc.
  • Home And Car Use: JP40 comes with a DC Cord and AC cable that you can plug directly into your car's cigarette or a wall outlet at home. 
  • NO ICE Needed: The temperature range is from -7℉~50℉(-22℃~+10℃). Don't worry about how to keep daily food on the road, say goodbye to the messy cooler. NO ICE ANYMORE.
  • High Quality: JP40 is powerd by Secop Compressor; ETL Certificate; EMC anti-electromagnetic interferenc; 40° tilt Operation; 3-Level Battery Protection System.
  • Worry-Free After-Sales Guarantee: 5 year warranty on secop compressor and 1 year for other parts. 30-day return or exchange period. Local after-sales.
  • Package Included: JP40 Portable Fridge*1, Insulated Cover*1, DC Cord*1, AC Cord*1, Extension Cord*1, basket*1, Manual Book*1.
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JP40 With Cover

Single zone portable freezer

Used as a 12v refrigerator or a 12v freezer

Features with 3-stage battery level

Fast Cooling 0℉~50℉

No more ice and soggy cooler with ICECO portable fridge. Keep food fresh in outside!

❄ 5 year warranty Compressor

ICECO uses top Germany SECOP(Danfoss). With ETL Certificate and Global Product Insurance. Our products also passed EMC standards.

JP40 with Cover

Humanized Design

Basket, LED Light,

Free Insulation Cover

JP40 with Cover

Suitable Size

 23*13.8*17.5'' suiatble for all vehicle


Ask a Question
  • Can the entire unit be used as a freezer?

    Yes, JP40 is a single zone powered cooler, you can use it as a freezer or a fridge.

  • Can the lid be opened from both sides?

    no, you can take a look at VLPro sereis if you want to open the fridge from both sides.

  • Is the dimensions for jp50 with or without handles installed?

    JP40 with handles:  26*13.8*17.5''
    JP50 with handles:  26*13.8*20.9''

  • Can you tell me the shipping package dimensions of the JP 40 and the shipping weight please

    Package dimension: 24.8*15.35*20.86'', weight: 46lbs.

  • Does the JP40 continue to function when at a tilt? If so, to what degree of tilt?

    JP40 can work at a tilt less than 40°, when the tilting value is exceeded, the refrigerator will stop working automatically. In order to keep the portable refrigerator at its best performance,  we recommend that the portable refrigerator should not in the state of tilting work for a long time.

  • Can this be used as a regular cooler (not plugged in)?

    nope, this is a powered fridge, we suggest to plug in power source.

  • Can this cooler be outside in the rain? Does it get adequate ventilation with the bag on?

    We suggest do not expose it to the heavy rain, and sure, it get adequate ventilation with the bag on.

  • What are the internal dimensions.


  • Can the 43QT JP40 12V Refrigerator Car Portable Fridge be plugged into a 120w A/C outlet? And do you know whether or not there are problems working in vehicles in Central America? Especial Nicaragua.

    you can plug into 120W with AC power cord, keep the fridge well ventilated.

  • I’m thinking of putting this in the back of my teardrop camper (NuCamp Tag). There isn’t a lot of space when the hatch is closed. Do you think it might get hot without additional ventilation?

    please make sure  enough space to ventilation, this is great help in keep cooling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 245 reviews
Great value

I took some drinks and fruits/veges from the house fridge and filled the JP40 about 2/3 full. Set it in ECO mode to 37F (inside the house with ambient temp 75F) while powered from an EcoFlow River 2 Pro charged to 99%. 17 hours later the EF2 was at 73%. It shows the JP40 drawing 35-45 watts while running, but the average watts during the 17 hours was about 12W. Really impressed. At that rate, the EF2 could power the JP40 for over 60 hours with a full charge.

Took it camping with the EF2 and the combination is great. Unless its really hot, you can leave the solar panel home if going just for a couple of days, Great pairing.

New user

I have only used it on one weekend trip, but it performed very well and I am looking forward to some upcoming trips this fall.

Kevin Ebersoldt
Love it.....

If it lasts, I give it a 10 out of 10! Have used on multiple camping trips.

Rebin Fang
Frustrating, consumes more power than expected, no that quiet

My first JP40 was actually broken by FedEx traveling just 16 miles to my door. Iceco was good about sending a replacement. The replacement unit was different in several ways, maybe it’s an updated version (more on that below), but it doesn’t seem to be performing too well.

To test the unit I set the JP40 to 0F and filled it with glass tupperware to simulate storage of cooked meals. Half of the containers were filled 3/4 full with cold tap water, ambient temperature was 70-75F. AFTER the initial 75F to 0F cooling down period, in the first 21 hours the unit continuously ran 30-60 min at a time pulling 50-60 watts on Max and 30-45 watts on Eco. It would stop for only 5-7 min, rise in temperature rapidly, then run the compressor again in this cycle. It sucked down over 1000 watts in the first 21 hours! The next 24 hours it used ~660 watts, adjusted for parasitic load, which is still much worse performance than testers have stated. It’s also not very quiet. It sounds very similar to an aquarium air pump and I can definitely hear the compressor kick on and run in an environment that is constantly already 45-50 decibels. It’s MUCH louder than my 3.1 cu ft. SPT mini fridge with 2 doors / true freezer section. A thermometer at the very bottom next to the aluminum wall showed 10F while the unit displayed 0F. The sectioned off, unregulated area read a warm 39F!

As for the differences between the two JP40’s I received, I noticed that the replacement unit seems to be an updated model with lowest temperature setting at 0F instead of -8F, a drain at the bottom instead of the two large circular indentations, bluetooth, white light instead of blue, and physical battery protection switch removed and relocated to the app. I’m not sure if it’s using the same compressor. I emailed Iceco about these things recently but haven’t heard back yet.

Joseph Seraphin
Meets expectations!

Low power draw, quiet, lid seems a bit light on insulation, but fridges work great! Good value.

Manual Book

Energy Guide