ICECO Upgraded Insulated Cover For VL60ProS

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  • Protects and provides additional insulation for your ICECO VL60ProS Single Zone portable freezer.
  • Extra insulation protective improve thermal insulation performance and reducing power consumption which saves battery power, improves overall efficiency.
  • Made from high-quality oxford nylon fabric. Protects against dirt, dust & Sand. Keeps your fridge like new even in harsh conditions.
  • Foldable design, easy to fold when you don't need it.
  • NOTE: Suitable ONLY for ICECO VL60ProS Single Zone (1 MODELS)


ICECO Upgraded Insulated Cover For VL60ProS-Insulated

Protective Cover

Cover For VL60ProS

※ Extra insulation protective improve thermal insulation performance and reducing power consumption which saves battery power, improves overall efficiency.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jon Allen
An Absolute Must

If your ICECO unit has an available insulating cover, get it. Simply put, without the cover, our VL-60S had trouble keeping temp on hot days. With the insulation cover, it is able to get to temp and keep it, however the compressor never shuts off. It just runs and runs and runs. I give the cover three stars as it still doesn't keep the VL-60S insulated enough to allow the compressor to get a break.

ICECO must know that their units are not well insulated or they wouldn't offer the insulation cover. Think about it. I have had other portable fridge/freezers from other manufacturers, and they didn't offer insulation covers, the units kept cold and the compressors would cycle on and off, in hot weather.

Gabe Proctor
Review of the VL60ProS insulated cover

I purchased two of these covers to go with the two VL60ProS models that I purchased. I have had no issues with either cover and they appear to be high quality and fit well. It's easy to open the lid, and access the various ports and buttons on the ends of the refrigerator. I can still open the refrigerator lid in either direction (one of the reasons I went with this ICECO model) by simply unzipping the cover and pushing it down the side of the refrigerator.

Mario Gonzaga
Fits perfectly.

Great insulation for your fridge and good protection against scuffing when moving fridge in and out of your rig.

Josh Mccormick
Best refrigerator

Purchased the vl60 pro and love it. Best refrigerator for the money on the market. Love iceco products and will continue to buy from them.

Tim McCabe
Quality cover, one small flaw

I have the VL 60 ProS. This cover is really nice material, feels sturdy, and fits the fridge like a glove. Although it works in my setup, some may find issue with the zipper configuration. The cover only goes on one way so as to still be able to access the control panel. Because of this, and the way the zipper is configured, it only allows you to open the lid from the left hand side, which kind of negates having a lid that opens both directions. I have my fridge mounted on the right side so the cover opens the correct direction for my use with zero issues, but those with their fridge on the left side may find the cover hampers access a bit if they typically open theirs from the right side of the fridge. Other than that it works great!

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