Top 5 Things to See on Your Next Road Trip Vacation in Yellowstone -

Top 5 Things to See on Your Next Road Trip Vacation in Yellowstone

Yellowstone has become a popular destination for US road trips for those who love outdoor adventures. It's their natural thermal features and wildlife habitat that sets them apart to other destinations. Make sure to get a chance to visit this gem!

Here are top 5 things to see in Yellowstone:

1. Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone


The Grand Prismatic Spring is the most popular geothermal feature in Yellowstone which you cannot miss. It's known as the largest hot spring In Yellowstone with beautiful vibrant and saturated colors. Come in the summer to perfectly see the shades of blue, yellow and orange. You can also come in a cold weather but it would have a lot of steam to make it harder to see the colorful unique pattern. Also, be prepared of 2 things: hard to find parking and the strong odor of sulfur.

2. Lamar Valley 

Lamar Valley Yellowstone


Lamar Valley is the perfect place to witness the wildlife in Yellowstone. You'll be able to spot a bunch of bison everywhere either casually walking on the road or the field. If you are patient and persistent enough, you can also see other creatures such as elks, pronghorns, wolves, deers, bears, foxes and many more. Be respectful and do not scare them away as you are in their home. 

3. Upper Geyser Basin

The Upper Geyser Basin features the Old Faithful Geyser which erupts every 45-90 minutes. This is some place you have to see for yourself. You can start by visit the Old Faithful Visitor Center as they have prediction times for the next eruption of the Old Faithful Geyser. This way you can plan out your day without having to miss the natural eruption.

4. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone


Yes, it is not as big as the original "Grand Canyon" in Arizona but it is less crowded and cooler. You'll be getting breathtaking views and colors in the canyon that is overlooking the river below after a mild hike. The river runs to the Missouri River and ultimately to the Golf of Mexico.  

5. Boiling River

Yellowstone boiling river

Photo: @alexander_travelbum

After a long day of a nice hike, you can relax and swim by the Boiling River. The Boiling River is like a natural hot tub for the public. It's a mixture of hot and cold water that meets together. You can literally stand with one leg in the hot water and another in the cold water. The river is shallow so you can choose to just soak your feet or sit down in the rocky water next to the beautiful scenery. Take some of your water shoes for comfort and so that they won't be floating around.