Sharing Unforgettableg Moments: Highlights from ICECO's Father's Day Event

Sharing Unforgettableg Moments: Highlights from ICECO's Father's Day Event

ICECO hosted a heartwarming Father's Day event on social media, inviting people to share their cherished, amusing, and unforgettable stories about their fathers. We were overwhelmed by the incredible responses we received, and today, we want to share with you three remarkable stories that touched our hearts. Let's dive into these heartwarming experiences and celebrate the special bond between fathers and their children!

@actuallyjustashley: A Shot of Laughter

''Every year in June my in-laws have a family tradition to watch the dirt cup. (Sprint car racing) we spend the weekend camping and watching all the racing. One year we were all sitting in the stands. Laughing and chatting watching practicing. A car happened to backfire at the exact moment a clump of dirt flew up and hit my father in law right in the chest. He instantly screamed. “I’m shot” we panicked and then died laughing when we realized what had happened. He wasn’t even hurt. But the sound mixed with the perfect timing of the dirt made him really think he was shot. I’m sure he will never live it down.''

@tladner: A Musical Journey

''Too many stories to pick just one, but I’ll say that my family’s vacation in the summer of 1987 cemented my love for camping to this day. I was 14, and the thought of us driving from Pennsylvania to Arizona in my father’s 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a Sears X-Cargo roof top carrier seemed like space travel to me. We tent camped our way there in back in three weeks. My dad singing Paul Simon’s album Graceland word for word, from start to finish, over and over the entire trip is something that I will NEVER forget. It drove my brother mad, but I loved every second of it. I’d love to someday retrace our route, only this time with a fancy new Iceco cooler instead of the flimsy red Igloo that we had back in the day. He left us too soon. He should still be here. Happy Father’s Day Dad."

@kamiraexoxo: A Special Road Trip

"My favorite memory with my dad is when we went on a road trip to Missouri together. He was moving from Ohio to Missouri, so I helped him load the car and kept him company. He played his favorite songs and shared stories about his childhood. I was a couple months pregnant at the time so he told me everything he wish he had done differently and what he loved about being a father. It was an incredibly special and cherished moment."

In conclusion, these heartwarming stories from @actuallyjustashley, @tladner, and @kamiraexoxo remind us of the love, joy, and unforgettable moments shared between fathers and their children. This event allowed us to witness the beauty of these connections and appreciate the profound impact fathers have on our lives. Let's continue to cherish these extraordinary moments and express our gratitude to the fathers who have made a difference in our lives. Stay tuned for more exciting campaigns from ICECO!