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RV Camping Tips Beginners Need to Know

With the Pandemic going on, more and more people are camping for their first time and investing in getting their own RVs or trailers. It is an exciting moment and your best adventure awaits! Hence, here are some basic tips to help you out as a newbie.

1. Do a Test Run from Home

Practice living a day in the RV and camp at home before using it in the real world. You'd be surprised how helpful this would be and this way you can see if any of your equipment is not working.

2. Practice Backing Up

Practice driving your RV around your area so that you will get the hang of it. Practice especially on backing up as you'll be backing up a lot into campsite. You want to make sure that you learn how to back up smoothly without hitting things.

3. Get a GPS, Map and Download the App Called Maps Me

Purchase a GPS or use a map for back up to help you with directions for your trip. Download the app called Maps Me on your phone as this can help you look as this is a detailed offline map where you won't need wifi. Before leaving on your trip, make sure that you download the maps of the cities you are going to on your phone to have it all ready.

5. Get a Jump Start

You want to be prepared for the word scenario such as your RV battery dying. At some point, you're going to have to jump start your RV batteries so make sure to have a jump start handy.

6. Learn to Dump Black and Gray Tank

The black and gray tank are the dumps that are coming from toilets and sink. Do some research on how to dump it and also figure out where you can dump it. It needs to be in an approved sewer system.

7. Have Checklist Beforehand

At least a week before heading out, start your own check list of things to bring to your RV. You'd be surprised how you would suddenly come with things to add at the weirdest times.

7. Don't take Too Much Things

Less is more! You want your RV to be as spacious as possible for your own comfort and not have some unnecessary clutter lying around your area.

8. Plan Ahead where You Will Stop for Gas

Mark on your map where you plan to stop for gas and don't just hope for the best because you don't want to know how it feels to run out of gas.