How The Movie "Nomadland" Gives an Honest Glimpse of the Nomad Life -

How The Movie "Nomadland" Gives an Honest Glimpse of the Nomad Life

The story of the movie "Nomadland" revolves around the working class widow Fern who lost almost everything after the town of Empire, Nevada was eliminated due to harsh disaster. 

Fern starts new by living and traveling in a van around America but feeling alone. She continues searching for a stable job as she starts meeting some fellow nomads that turn into a family on her journey. It took some time to heal for her grief but she starts feeling warmth around people and her lifestyle.

'Not homeless, but houseless' was such a powerful line in the movie. It’s not in societies norms to live in a van. She may have not have a house that she lived in but she had a home and a large nomad family. She started seeing beauty in the simple things in life. In the end, she even preferred the nomad life over the traditional domestic life when given the choice. Fern was able to happiness in herself. 

This movie is honest and raw. It shows you the great perks but also the challenges of being a nomad. It's not always easy but it's actually not as bad as people might think. Although Fern is a fictional character, some of the characters in the movie are real life nomads and non actors that are playing a depiction of themselves. We can even see the RV living youtuber Bob Wells sharing a personal part of his life in the scene of the movie.

Wells said that nomads don’t say goodbye but say that they will see each other down the road. This shows how large the community is and to never feel alone. Life on the road is a life full of adventures.