Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsman - www.icecofreezer.com

Father's Day is coming up on June 20th and if you're wondering what to give your outdoorsy dad, here are a few ideas!


  • Freezer/ Cooler Bag

If you love ICECO freezers, you will love the cooler bag. It has excellent cooling insulation to keep things inside nice and cool for a long time. This cooler has a built-in bottle opener, detachable straps, waterproof, and is leak proof. It will be a great gift for dad for all his adventures from camping, hiking, fishing, and more!

  • Knives

There's nothing better than getting the job done with the right tool. It's a great gift that can be used anywhere. If your dad already has a knife he enjoys or already has a knife collection, consider getting a knife sharpener so he can still enjoy his favorite knife.

  • Electronics
- GoPro - This will be a great gift for your dad to capture all the moments from his family, to his at-home projects, his adventures, and even more.
- Battery Pack/ Power Bank - Phone battery running low seems to happen at the worst time, buy a battery pack/ power bank so dad won't have to worry or stress on his adventures.
  • Apparel & Shoes

We know dad's will wear their favorite pair of shoes until they're beaten to the ground and filled with holes. He won't want to retire them so treat him with a pair of shoes that will become his new favorite pair for the next couple of years. You can even include socks, a cooling-vest, or heat-tech apparel.

  • Backpack

If hiking and camping is a favorite activity for dad, treat him to a nice backpack that is durable, waterproof, light-weight, and more. There are many reputable brands online that are designed for outdoor adventures.


  • Camping Chair

A durable, comfortable, and portable chair that even has a cup holder to hold dad's favorite drink while he is relaxing will make a great gift. It's a perfect portable chair to bring to camping, hunting, fishing, and more.

  • Grill & BBQ Set

From grilling burgers, to hotdogs, and more, we know dad's love grilling especially in the summertime. Any type of grill from a backyard grill or even a portable grill will make a perfect gift for dad.