DIY Camping Hack Ideas -

Sometimes you just have to be resourceful and to make camping a more comfortable way without having to spend too much money. We will keep adding our list of affordable DIY camping hack ideas to help you recycle the things you didn't realize you still needed.

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Here are some cheap camping hacks that you need to try:

Camping Hack #1: Paper Towel Holder

 You can use your hanger and cut it into half to make it your own paper towel or toilet paper holder.

Camping Hack #2: Instant Speaker

Many of us have done this in the past by simply placing music inside a cup to give yourself an instant speaker.

Camping Hack #3: Portable Shower

This is a very resourceful way of creating your own portable shower by using hula hoops, a rope and shower curtain.

Camping Hack #4: Start a Fire
camping hack start fire
Starting a fire is not as easy as it seems but simply using some empty egg cartons with charcoals will surely help.
Camping Hack #5: Orange Peel Candle
camping hack diy
Instead of throwing away those orange peels, you can turn it into a scented candle.