An open letter from ICECO to 2023
Dear every customers and supporters,

As we welcome the 2023 new year comes, ICECO would like to take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished together. It has been an absolute pleasure serving you and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your adventures.

As a portable fridge company, we understand the importance of keeping your food and drinks at the perfect temperature, no matter where life takes you. Whether you are out on a camping trip, road trip, or at a tailgate party, we strive to make sure you have access to a reliable and efficient way to store and keep your perishable items fresh.

This year, we have introduced several new products to our line-up, including the ICECO Outdoor Camping Cot/Freezer and the ICECO JP40/50 Pro Portable Fridge/Freezer. We conducted a survey on our Instagram account leading up to the holiday season to gather feedback and insights from our followers, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Some of the comments we received include:
We are grateful for your love and support of the ICECO brand and we promise to continue working hard to earn your trust and satisfaction. Thank you for choosing us and we hope to continue providing you with the best portable fridge solutions for all your needs. Here's to a fantastic year ahead and to many more adventures with ICECO by your side.