Actor Jason Momoa Living in a Luxurious $750k Camper Van -

Actor Jason Momoa Living in a Luxurious $750k Camper Van

After Aquaman's star Jason Momoa's temporary separation to wife Lisa Bonet was announced, he was seen living in a Ford RV parked at his friend's front yard. Apparently, it is close to his previous $3.5 million home with former wife and his 2 children which makes it easy for him to visit. Jason and Lisa have now reconciled and are working on fixing their marriage.

Credit: The US Sun

This is not just any Ford RV as it is worth $750k which is pretty much the price of a luxurious house. This pricy camper van is a custom built EarthRoamer XV-LTi 026 which has a Nespresso machine, an induction cooktop and an outdoor kitchen. It also has a king sized mattress which is ideal for Momoa's 6'3'' height. It has cedar-lined closets, dinettes, a hidden safe with lots of space and storage.

You may have seen this luxurious camper van before has he took it to the Aquaman premiere and he even chose to stay in his camper van rather than a hotel while filming away from home so he can be by the beach.

Credit: CAN/Capital Pictures / MEGA from Page Six

Jason Momoa is one to enjoy van lifestyle. Back when he also spent a break from filming Game of Thrones, Jason and his friend used to travel in a tiny camper van to travel around Ireland. Nothing has changed when it comes to his passion except that this tiny van turned into an enormous pricy Ford RV.