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3 Budget Camper Van Rentals You Should Try in California

Campervans are becoming more desirable and convenient when traveling on the go. It does cost to own one so if you would like to experience it first by renting a van at the best value then we are here to help. After trying it out, you may decide to finally get your own, or continue to keep renting one to your travel destinations whenever it is needed.

1. Escape Camper Vans

Escape Camper Vans is our top bet when choosing a camper van rental for an affordable price. Its unique colorful hand painted exterior artwork designs on each van gives character to each van. In each van, you can convert your bed into a dining room for extra storage space and there will be a kitchen, refrigerator and stove by the back for easy access.There are 4 different types of vans that you can choose from depending on your preference.

2. Outdoorsy

With Outdoorsy, you will have a lot of options because you are renting a van from actual camper van owners. You can download their app to easily see what is available and the price ranges. They'll have different types of vans including some with bathrooms so make sure to do your research. Make sure to talk to the owners first and see if their van is available on the date that you need.

3. Lost Campers

The Lost Campers’ pick up and drop off locations are going to be only in Los Angeles and San Francisco. They are simple and affordable but they do the basic job. They also tell you what each van style includes to see what fits your trip.