Let's Talk about the VL90ProD! - www.icecofreezer.com

You may have heard of our latest and exciting VLPro series that has caught many people's attention with its unique Samurai design and additional features. What we would like to talk about today is the enormous VL90ProD which may not be for everyone due to its gigantic size but if you have the space for it, you won't regret it.

Colossal Size

The dimensions of the VL90ProD are 38.3 X 20.5 X 18.1 inches. It is the largest portable fridge ICECO has ever made. This is great for van, jeep or bus campers as you'll have the extra space for more food storage. It can fit 150 soda cans, 108 water bottles or 37 wine bottles. 

Flexible Lid Opening

You have the option to open the lid from each side or even completely take the whole lid off when grabbing your drinks from the fridge. This makes it more convenient so that you won't have to keep moving around your fridge based on the lid's opening.

Dual Zone

With the dual zone feature, you are able to use your VL90ProD as both a freezer and refrigerator as you have 2 compartments. You can adjust each compartment on 

Rugged Design

The VL90ProD's outside look is what catches many camper's attention. It is in black matte and a rugged look perfect for long term camps. It's designed with a weatherproof control panel and easy to clean the refrigerator box with a drain hole to let our melted ice easily. 


The price of the VL90ProD is $1,299. This is affordable for the size of the portable fridge that you are receiving. It's not cheap but we do not want to compromise with low quality materials as we want you to have a long lasting fridge that is worth every penny.

Slide Mount

Unfortunately, We do not have a slider for the VL90ProD at the moment. However, you can find some alternatives online that would fit with the dimensions of the VL90ProD.

Car or Home Use

Just like any ICECO portable fridge, you can plug your refrigerator to the wall or in you vehicle as we will provide you an DC & AC adapter. You can directly plug it in 110/240V AC power source.

USB Charging Outlet

There is a USB outlet on the side of the fridge to charge your mobile devices. You can only charge your phone if the fridge is connected to the DC Power Source. 

Secop Compressor 

The VLPro90D along with all the other portable fridges are using top quality German compressor from Secop. With our Secop compressor, expect your fridges to last for a very long time.


All ICECO portable fridges have a 5 year warranty on Secop compressor and 1 year warranty on all other parts.