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Everything to Know About the New VL Pro Series

We are excited to announce that the long awaited VL Pro series by ICECO will be launching soon. This sleek black Samurai portable refrigerator with a weatherproof control panel is coming in style to provide for the camper vans, RVs, off-roading Jeeps and trucks.

The VL Pro series has 4 styles: VL45S Pro, VL60S Pro, VL75D Pro and VL90D Pro. Hence, let's get into the basics.

Single Zone or Dual Zone?

VL 45 Pro and VL 60 Pro are both single zones. This means that you can use this portable fridge as a refrigerator or freezer. The VL75 Pro and VL 90 Pro are dual zones. This means that you can use one zone as a freezer and another zone as a refrigerator. You can mix and match and even use both zones as freezers or refrigerators. You can even just use one zone at a time and turn off the other side to save energy when you are on shorter trips.


The size is a huge factor when buying a fridge for your vehicle depending on how much space you have. Here are the exact dimensions in inches:

VL45S Pro - 28.1 X 15.7 X 18.1 inches
VL60S Pro - 30.2 X 18.3 X 18.2 inches
VL75D Pro - 38.3 X 18.3 X 18.1 inches
VL90D Pro - 38.3 X 20.5 X 18.1inches

Flexible Side Opening Lid

This new design give you the control to where you want the lid to open. They make it easy to open the refrigerator door from each side without removing the lid, to make it more convenient for its users.

AC&DC Plug 

The VL Series Pro has 12/24V DC Power source which can be used in your vehicle and you can also plug it in 110/240V AC directly at your home.

USB outlet for charging mobile devices

You can now charge your mobile devices on your fridge. However, the ICECO fridge must be connected to DC Power Source.


You can set the temperatures of your fridge ranging from 0-50 Fahrenheit degrees.

When Is it Out?

We are expecting to launch it by the end of March!


Just like any ICECO portable fridge, the VL Pro series offers a 5 year warranty on Secop compressor and 1 year for all other parts.