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I've been living with this fridge now for the last week and a half and I can honestly give you my review of this ICECO off-grid fridge. I love it because it is actually energy efficient.
One of my hardest problems is that my solar system isn't very big so I haven't ever been able to run a fridge before but this is making a very minimal impact on my battery system and I read my percentage charts every day and it looks great.
You can program each side to be a fridge and a freezer which has been revolutionary because now I can buy ice cream and actually have ice water which I never thought I'd be able to do living in a bus.
You can also open these from either direction which I think is pretty cool and it's also very quiet and has an eco run modeso that it only really runs when the temperatures are out of control. Mine is running perfectly and so efficiently. Literally, my fan draws more power.


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Having a campervan refrigerator means saving money (and eating healthier) by cooking your own meals. All you need to know is that the fridge you’re getting will meet your needs and hold up to the daily grind of life on the road, all while staying within your budget. We did a LOT of research before investing in a fridge/freezer, and finally made our choice based on a combination of specifications and budget. In our opinion, ICECO refrigerators are the best overall value for portable refrigerators in the vanlife space. They offer an excellent combination of top quality components, rugged construction, performance on par with higher end fridges, and affordable pricing that’s tough to beat. In this blog is our full review of our ICECO 63.4QT VL65 Dual Portable Fridge Freezer.

Fridge: VL65D



Big thumbs up for me!
If you want a fridge thats built really well, you don't gotta worry about it, doesn't draw a lot, these are fantastic! 


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'This is a must-have for all van lifers like ourselves!'

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