Is it a trend to replace coolers with portable fridges?

Is it a trend to replace coolers with portable fridges?

Overlanding and outdoor camping are growing in popularity. After arriving at the destination, all the work will be reduced to rest, setting up the tent, and preparing food. Usually, we use things to refrigerate food or drinks. Thereby better preservation and protection of food. Therefore, people often use small refrigerators or portable refrigerators to achieve this fresh-keeping and freezing effect.

The cooler is made of hard materials such as tungsten steel as a whole from the beginning. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it can better protect the refrigerator from damage. In 1957, it was replaced by lighter materials such as plastic. Then, thanks to advances in various material technologies, the coolers ended up using foam insulation and thermo-formed plastics to ensure durability and lightweight at the same time. Today's refrigerators increasingly require larger capacities to store items. The problem is that its insulation decreases as the box gets more extensive. Two key points affect the cooling effect of the cooler: The first is the tightness of the box and the materials used in the box. The second is the opening and closing time of the entire cooler. Because coolers are an easy way to cool down, use ice cubes to cool the entire box. Excessive opening and closing of the cooler will increase the melting of the ice cubes, thereby reducing the cooling time of the cooler.

However, this portable fridge is just the opposite. It uses electricity as the primary energy source to keep the entire portable fridge running. Therefore, it can be used on a broader range of scenarios and scopes. Aside from runtime, fridges have several distinct advantages. It can be lowered to a lower temperature and changed according to the customer's settings. Also, the portable fridge that uses compressors will keep the box clean better than a portable fridge that uses ice. There are a few things coolers cannot do right now. First of all, it is light and convenient, suitable for short-distance use.

Overall, the portable fridge will gradually replace coolers as a more mainstream outdoor travel tool. Just as ICECO's original intention, for a better user experience, continuous innovation and development will make products more in line with user expectations.

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