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Customer Reviews

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Dale L.
Great Extension Cord

Arrived quickly and appears very well made. Have not had the opportunity to try it yet.

Correct in my earlier review

Correct in my earlier review. I thought I had been asked earlier to review the 12 V extension cord which I also bought in addition to the cable for the refrigerator. The cable for the refrigerator works perfectly. The separate 12 V extension cable which simply plugs into the 12 oh outlet on one end and has a 12 V receptacle on the other end Does not stay in the socket well. Again, though, the cable for the ice cooler refrigerator works flawlessly

Sharon Lefine
12 foot extension

The plug in to the main cord to the freezer/fridge always seems a little loose but does work.

Incorrect readings

I have bought 2 iceco refrigerators a vl 60 dual and a 44.3 3 in 1 iCooler and both give me incorrect readings on the temperature display, the vl 60 is off about 2 to3 degrees and the iCooler was off about 4 to 5 degrees off when both where set at 35 degrees on max. I had to compensate degrees at 39 degrees on the icooler so my fruit wouldn’t freeze again. ICooler has no light and should have one for those night campers, need to work on temperature Gauge display to be more accurate other than that I like the fridge.

Gina Sabo
Why Extension

This extension cable works fine, but it doesn't like to stay plugged in. Also, It does lower the watts. I would prefer to buy a 12, 15, 20 foot cord to plug directly into the cooler.