The ICECO T20 In-Car Refrigerator Gained the IDEA Design Award for the First Time in this Industry

The ICECO T20 In-Car Refrigerator Gained the IDEA Design Award for the First Time in this Industry

The ICECO T20 In-Car Refrigerator Gained the IDEA Design Award for the First Time in this Industry

In the industrial design field, the annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Design Award in US, the Red Dot award in Germany, and IF award in Germany are world’s three top design awards which have a huge impact all over the world and also have a good reputation of “Oscar in Design Field”.

The awarded product can always become popular. It also always becomes the focal point which the customer competes to pursue. For example, Apple’s AirPods, 13-inch TouchBar Macbook Pro, and iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung’s panorama camera Gear 360 and star obsidian notebook, Sony’s projector Future Lab Program, black-glue recorder PS-HX500, and PlayStation VR all gained awards.

Recently, the much-watched 2018 US IDEA Design Award was announced. Apart from some frequent visitors to famous international enterprises, Chinese enterprises have also appeared. Among them, ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator, whose brand ambassador is Eddie Peng, won the first in-car refrigerator manufacturer in the industry.

  • Why does the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator gain the IDEA Design Award for the first time in this industry?

As we all know, the US IDEA Design Award was firstly established in 1979 and jointly organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week Magazine. It has been awarded by Industrial Designers Society of America for nearly 40 years. The purpose of setting up this award was to encourage the business field and the public to learn more about the impact of excellent industrial design on the quality and economy of life.

Because of the view of authority and professionalism of the IDEA Design Award, thousands of industrial enterprises are attracted to submit their products to participate in the selection every year, but only up to 100 enterprises are shortlisted for the award finally. It is understood that the selection criteria for the IDEA Design Award in US are very strict. It is mainly based on the innovation of product design, the value to users, the ecological principles, the environmental protection of production, appropriate aesthetics and visual appeal, and some aspects to comprehensively select.

Then, why can the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator become the product that won the IDEA Design Award together with Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung panorama camera Gear 360, and other products?

In my opinion, there are three main reasons why the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator can win this award:

  1. Firstly, the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator has an innovative and unique design.

As a world-class design award, the IDEA Design Award has great importance to the innovative design of products, which is exactly one of the biggest product highlights of the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator.

First, , the white appearance of the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator indicates fresh and fashionable. In the meantime, the display screen for temperature and intelligent control button are properly designed, which is very simple and has a sense of technology. It makes people feel at a glance that it is a technology product leading the fashion. However, the kindly design such as open-close design like a door, hidden handle and others not only makes the appearance simpler and more beautiful, but also plays a role in saving storage space with unique features.

Second, the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator first created a unique design of switch between the single and double temperature control modes in this industry. In particular, considering the frequency of use in the double temperature area and the space for larger objects such as red wine bottle, and so on, the divider separating the temperature is designed as an removable divider. According to the different needs of consumers for space, it can be inserted and pulled out.

By adding a flexible and changeable divider, it recognizes the double temperature and double control design in a small volume of 20L. The innovative design with changeable storage space fully meets the requirement of independent temperature control in cooling/frozen area, and achieves the attention of keeping frozen food and fruits fresh.

Finally, in order to further improve the extreme experience of users when they are using the in-car refrigerator and accelerate the cooling speed, the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator also first created the concept of single-box with quickly cooling and realized a breakthrough in the cooling of products from 32 °C (89°F) to 0°C (32°F) . within 15 minutes. This not only improves the quality experience of people's traveling life once again, but also greatly widens the usage scenarios of the in-car refrigerator. It enables people to eat fresh fruits, drink cold beverages, taste high-quality seafood and barbecue anytime and anywhere, and significantly improves the quality of traveling life when users are traveling on their own.

  1. Secondly, product innovation has significantly improved the traveling experience of self-driving users.

Of course, the US IDEA as a design award not only looks at product innovation design, but also focuses on whether product innovation design can ultimately create value for users.

The development history of the in-car refrigerator is not short. It can be traced back to 1967 when ICECO invented the in-car refrigerator. However, previously, due to factors such as insufficient customers’ needs and immature intelligent technology, in-car refrigerators were only equipped on some luxury cars or vans.

However, with the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption level in recent years and the rapid expansion of car sales, self-driving trips have become one of the most popular traveling modes for middle-class people such as urban white-collar workers and urban elites. Also, in-car refrigerators have gradually become a necessary tool for people to carry out high-quality self-driving trips.

When designing the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator, the designers considered not only the common demands about the self-driving tour, camping, outdoors party, picnic, barbecue, and other leisure self-driving activities, but also the food, medication, makeups and so forth which have the special temperature demand about refrigerating. The unique designs about double temperature control modes and quick cooling technology guarantee the health demands about the outdoor life as well as greatly improve users’ trip experience. Thus, the pregnant, silk, children and other special group could go travel by self-driving which apparently increases human’s happiness. It might be one of the significant reasons for it to gain the recognition of US IDEA prize committee.

  1. Thirdly, ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator is economic and environmental protection which could generate huge social value.

Apart from focusing on the value of innovation and users, US IDEA prize also lays emphasis on the social value generation after releasing the products into the market. In this aspect, ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator also lives up to expectations.

Firstly, the operation rated power of ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator is only 60W which equals to the power consumption of vehicle navigation. It is quite economic and environmental protection so that it would not increase users’ oil consumption basically. Hence, the users could fully enjoy the convenience of in-car refrigerator for travelling.

Then, the service life of ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator is designed as long as 10 years which could make the people enjoy the travelling convenience through the in-car refrigerator at a lower cost and more environment-friendly method. Hence, it makes possible for users to experience the high-quality self-driving.

Finally, the manufacturing materials of ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator are all environment-friendly which could make the products be recycled and reused. On the one hand, it could ensure the users to use in a healthier and more security way; on the other hand, the green and environment-friendly products would not cause the social material waste. Beyond all doubts, it brings social value.

The IDEA Design Award witnesses the high qualities of ICECO.

In fact, it is not the first recognition for ICECO acquired from the international enterprise or agent. Before, ICECO in-car refrigerator has already won the high praise from NASA, Benz, Volvo, and other famous enterprises.

As early as 1982, as the supplier of American NASA space shuttle, the special development of the ICECO in-car refrigerator flied to the outer space with NASA space shuttle Columbia so that the two astronauts - Hartfield and Mattingly, took the leading in experience the space life with refrigerator, laying a solid for the reputation of its space quality.

After that, with the several decades’ development, ICECO accumulated more than a hundred of patented technologies in the in-car refrigerator which knocked on the door of Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Reynolds and other international high-end automobile brands as well as became the first-grade supplier of Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and other international automobile brands. In May 2018, ICECO in-car refrigerator won the Fujian Mercedes-Benz Excellent Supplier prize which also indicated that its high quality really acquired the recognition of the high end automobile industry.

On the other hand, ICECO in-car refrigerator T20 is not only recognized by global selection organizations of industrial design such as IDEA, but also won the numerous favors of consumers since it was launched in March in 2018. Dr. Jiejun Shi, President of Greater China Region of ICECO said that ICECO in-car refrigerators have sold well in 66 countries up to now, including Europe, the United States, and some countries, with more than 4 million users all over the world. Also, the data shows ICECO occupies an absolute leading position in the Chinese market for high-end in-car refrigerators, which ranks first in retail sales of high-end in-car refrigerators for two continuous years in 2016 and 2017. The sales number in the first half of 2018 increased by 95%, continuing to rank first in domestic high-end in-car refrigerators.

Besides that, the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator not only has good sales, but also it has won many praises from users. On e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, users are full of praise for the ICECO T20 in-car refrigerator. There are thousands of positive comments with five stars. The favorable comments on the products are mainly reflected in the aspects of exquisite appearance, powerful functional design, good cooling effect, and multiple usage scenarios, which are consistent with the selection criteria of the IDEA award organizing committee.

In a word, ICECO T20 in-car refrigerators won the IDEA Design Award, which not only shows the success of this product in industrial design, but also proves ICECO’s strong strength and quality in innovative design and high-end manufacturing. It will promote faster popularization and use of in-car refrigerators all over the world and eventually drive the continuous explosion of the whole in-car refrigerator industry.

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