The Power of a Slider for your Portable Refrigerator

portable car refrigerator

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Gaining access to your portable refrigerator on the trail can be a challenge especially if you have not packed light. You would either have to get inside your vehicle or you'd have to carry the fridge out to open it properly.

Depending on which portable refrigerator you get, the refrigerator alone is usually heavy. Hence, how much more if you leave in your drinks and food inside. The ICECO sliders were carefully created by our design team to specifically be the perfect fit for our selected portable refrigerators. This slider mount is here to make it convenient to help make your road trip be more comfortable.

The slider itself travels the full length of the refrigerator. It locks in 3 different positions: closed, half pulled out, and fully pulled out. It can hold up heavy weights safely and it comes with 4 straps to help fully secure the portable refrigerator.  

Get the Right Size

Make sure that you buy the right size of slide mount that goes with your portable refrigerator as you need it to fit perfectly to keep it secure.

For VL60 dual zone, VL65 dual zone or VL74 single zone, you can click here to get your slider.
For VL45 single zone or VL60 single zone, you can click here to get your slider.
For JP30, JP40, or JP50, you can click here to get your slider.


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