ICECO’s Top Selling Model for Offroading: VL 60 Dual Refrigerator Freezer

It's not a surprise that the VL 60 dual zone has been ICECO's best selling model. All of ICECO's products are portable refrigerator freezers with a 5 year warranty and accessible for AC/DC power. However, this VL 60 dual has been a favorite for Jeep, RV, truck and van owners who enjoy off-roading and camping.

What make VL 60 Dual special?

Dual Zone

The fact that you can make one zone a refrigerator and the other zone as a freezer is a game changer. You won't have to limit yourself on whether to create ice or keep your drinks cold. You also can even turn off one side of the dual to save battery for everyday use.

The Size

The VL 60 dual is giant-sized with with a large capacity. It's spacious and can fit 89 cans/355ml in the compartment. The enormous size is not for everyone though. It can take up a lot of space to the vehicle and it is quite heavy so it is not suitable for a quick picnic. If you are looking to use it for a more long term use then, this the fridge for you.

The Style

The minimalistic gray box style gives the refrigerator military look. This is based on personal preference but some people just prefer this army look for their collection.

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