HUGE GIVEAWAY: Win ICECO Camping Gears! -

Win the Ultimate Camping Gear Bundle Giveaway (ICECO Soft Cooler, Grill, Camping Chair, Hat, Cup, Shirt & Lantern) All of these will be yours to have!

The Winner will be the one who supports and engages with our social media the most in the month of August! That includes likes and comments on Instagram & Facebook.


1. Tag 3 friends in the comment section of our Instagram post about the Giveaway

2. Must be in USA

3. Show support by engaging the most in our posts in the month of August. Most Likes & comments on both Facebook & Instagram will be the winner.

Contest ends on August 31! Winner will be announced. Thank you all for your continuing support!

What You Will Win:

1. Soft Cooler Bag


A portable fridge is always convenient especially on a long weekend camping trip but if you want something light for a quick picnic with friends then you may want to check out our soft coolers. It's handy so you can carry it around your body just like a normal hand bag!

2. Folding Charcoal BBQ Grill

outdoor grill

This foldable charcoal grill can easily flatten to increase space in your trunk so you wouldn't have to worry about bringing a bulky grill on your trip. We all know space is everything when it comes to camping! Assemble it in seconds which saves you trouble and time when you are ready for some barbecue time with family.

3. Portable Ultralight Camping Chair

 Here is a lightweight camping chair that will be easy to carry around on your camping trips. A bag to fit the chair inside will be included.

4. Rechargable Camping Lantern


Here is a rechargable lamp that will brighten your trip. It turns into a white light or yellow light and can be used a as a power bank to charge your phone or iPad.

5. Tumbler BPA-Free Stainless Steel Cup


A stainless steel cup that would be great for you cold or hot drinks. It can keep ice cold water cold for 24 hours and it can keep your coffee warm up to 6 hours.


Get your own limited edition ICECO shirt and cap designed by our team to wear on daily basis. We do not sell our hats and T-shirts, so you'll only be able to get one by winning it as a prize.

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Aug 16, 2021
Brian Dillwith

These items look great!

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