Expand the Capacity of Your Fridge Easily with the VL 35 Add On

What makes the VL35 portable fridge/freezer different for the other ICECO products is that you have power to expand its capacity from volume of 35 Liters to 52 Liters

You can purchase the accessories separately to choose which size meets your needs. Hence, if you love mixing up your trips with short trips and long trips, you can choose which lid is most suitable for your upcoming trip. Whether you need small capacity for a quick day of camping or a larger fridge for a longer trip, then you have the control to have that done in seconds.


ICECO portable refrigerators can be used as either a freezer or refrigerator and they all get a 5 year warranty on the compressor and 1 Year warranty on all other parts. We proudly partnered with the Secop to provide a high quality silent compressor all the way from Germany.  

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