How to Win 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! -

How to Win 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

The holiday season is here and we are excited to announce that we are hosting 12 days of Christmas giveaways! Yes, that means you have 12 days to possibly win our ICECO gifts which includes a VL45ProS portable refrigerator and freezer. Christmas is all about giving so we are here to make sure that you get some early treats from us!

What Can I Win?

12 Days of Christmas Prizes:

Day 1: Exclusive ICECO hat 

Day 2: Exclusive ICECO shirt 

Day 3: Exclusive ICECO hat 

Day 4: Exclusive ICECO shirt

Day 5: Portable Table

Day 6: Camping Lantern

Day 7: Camping Chair

Day 8: Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Day 9: Soft Cooler Bag

Day 10: Charcoal BBQ Grill

Day 11: GO12 Compact Portable Refrigerator

Day 12: VLPro45S Portable Fridge

How Can I Join?

In order for you to join, you need to follow @iceco_icecool on Instagram and try our filter by snapping a photo or video.

You will have post it on Instagram through a story or post then tag @iceco_icecool and hashtag #XmasWithICECO.

If that was a bit confusing to you. Here's what you should do step by step:

1. Follow @iceco_icecool on Instagram

2. Tap the filter icon on ICECO's Instagram profile.

3. Tap the filter you'd like to try.

4. Tap 'Try' then start doing your best pose. You can snap a photo or take a fun video using the filter.

5. Post it on Instagram! Make sure to also tag @iceco_icecool & use the hashtag #XmasWithICECO . Instagram stories and posts are welcome! 

When Can I Join?

Contest starts on December 1st but you can keep entering your entries until Dec. 22. It's going to be epic!

When & Where Will You Announce the Winners?

We will be announcing winners on 12 of our business days leading to Christmas. Every winner will be announced on Instagram and Facebook along with the prize they won on Dec. 8-10, Dec. 13-17 and Dec. 20-23.

Good Luck Everyone & Have a Lovely Christmas!!

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